About Time – “Photography in a Moment of Change" is a photography exhibition held by SFMOMA.This thematic exhibition brings together work from across the medium’s history – from daguerreotypes to slide projections to video installations – that consider the way photography’s complex and ever-changing relationship with time has reflected and inflected our ideas about permanence and obsolescence, history and memory.

Exhibition Campaign
Art Direction
Spatial Design

The Exhibition

In a period of tremendous technological change, this exhibition puts historical and contemporary works in dialogue to highlight the fundamental issues that have been central to the medium since its invention.

The presentation showcases work by Julia Margaret Cameron, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Phil Chang, Dawoud Bey, Sally Mann, Owen Kydd, and Zoe Leonard, among others.

The design strategy is to build a bright proposed visual system that has a stand out personality. This was achieved through the use of a bold color scheme. The overall system through print based products and spatial graphics, as these are things that the SF public are most likely to come into contact with.

Products created ranged from ticket stubs and exhibition brochure to wristbands, envelopes, and notebooks. The visual of communication created uses the vibrant green color scheme, combined with the minimalist, confident logo.